How It Works

You rent your website on a month-to-month basis for an inexpensive rental fee of $9.95 per month!

♦  You can avoid the effort and high cost of hiring a web designer to design a website especially for you.

♦  There is no long term commitment – you may cancel at any time.

♦  You may make the effort of coming up with your own content or easily use the example text and we’ll modify it with your specific information.

♦  The 21 designs available are already designed for your profession.

♦  Why go through the time, expense, and commitment of buying the house when you can just rent and move your own furniture in.

These are the basic steps…

1 – You choose the design & font style you like best – 21 designs to choose from.

2 – You choose a domain name: use your current domain name, purchase a new domain name such as, or ask about our “free domain name” option (subject to availability)

3 – You contact me by email or phone so we can discuss the particulars and you can give me your basic business information that I will need to put your website together.

4 – You finish providing the basic information and anything else needed such as a digital photo, access to insignias, etc. so I can personally customize your site with your information to make it uniquely yours.

5 – You make the payments online… the one-time set-up fee and at the same time sign-up for automatic payments for the $9.95 monthly rental fee. You will be able to make your payments with your credit card, debit card, or PayPal account through a secure and trusted payment processor – PayPal. After your payment is received I will get started promptly on building your website.

6 – To complete the initial set-up you and I will communicate via phone or email to finalize the informational content on your pages and make sure all information on your website is accurate.

7 – After the initial set-up you will be able to easily update most everything yourself, as needed, such as changes in fees, coverage area, contact information, etc.  or I can do it for you for a nominal fee. Changes that need to be done on any of your custom graphics (the header and sidebar) I can do for you at a $20 per graphic update fee. (When making the initial graphics for your website – I will encourage you to use information that is unlikely to change, thus eliminating the need for header or sidebar update fees.)

Why Are My Websites Affordable?

The reasons I can offer these websites at such an affordable price in comparison to a web designer who designs a website specifically for you from scratch are:


  • Web designers need to charge a lot more because they need to take time to research, find appropriate graphics, set up your website, and customize every little detail to your exact satisfaction then charge accordingly.
  • The web designer you might hire most likely designs websites for all kinds of businesses, one at a time.
  • Depending on the web designer you choose, you may or may not get much choice in what your website is going to look like in advance, or be able to see what your website will look like before you contract with the web designer.
  • You may have to do a lot of work to figure out a layout and plan your content.
  • Once your website is done  (and you probably paid a handsome fee, most likely at least several hundred dollars) you are stuck with whatever the final result is regardless of whether it is working for you or not.


  • I have done most of the background work already. It will now take me a lesser amount of time to customize a few of the details that make the site uniquely yours while still making it an affordable option for you.
  • My websites are designed especially for mobile notaries.
  • You get to see a close example, in advance, of what your website will look like and have 21 choices already designed to meet the needs of most mobile notaries.
  • The examples are designed to help you see the simple layout and help you get your information together fast so you can be up and running in no time.
  • My set-up fee is affordable and you have the freedom to cancel the monthly hosting fee at any time – so there is no long-term commitment on your part.

While it is not cost effective for me to spend a lot of time customizing every little detail for you like the web designer does, I do take pride in making websites with a variety of professional appearances that are individually customized to work for you, the mobile notary.

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